how rave recovery works

Through extensive raving different biochemical processes in our body are affected and get into disbalance. That disbalace makes us feel down and blue until the body reinstates the balance and gets rid of harmful stuff like metabolides.

With the help of medical professionals and scientists we created a drink based on natural ingredients that can give our body nutrients, which will help him reinstate its balance faster and speed up the affected physiological processes.


rave recovery hates metabolide


Sweating, fluid loss, physical stress and alcohol/substance intake leads to an electrolyte disbalance in our blood that is also responsible e.g. for headache and feeling post-rave shitty. That is why we added a mixture of carefully choosen electrolytes based on clinical experience designed to counterbalance the loss and to help the body reach its favored electrolyte balance faster.

Another important point is that the neurotransmitter responsible for making us feel fulfilled and happy, serotonine is depleted by the triggered euphoria during a proper rave. That makes us feel „down“ and empty afterwards.


rave recovery neurotransmitter serotonin


That's why we added the constituents that are required for serotonine (and dopamine) buildup to help our body regain normal serotonine and dopamine levels faster which noticeably shortens our „down“ and lets us feel energetic again faster.

The breakdown of alcohol and other substances creates toxic metabolides that can harm the liver and other tissues. The body is already naturally equipped with enzymes, that break down those metabolides like aldehyde-dehydrogenase (ALDH), glutathione and cytochrome p450 which convert reactive oxygen species and toxic metabolides into safe substances that can be excreted.


rave recovery loves enzymes


To support these enzymes on their duty we added the constituents that the enzymes are build up from and the fuel that keeps them going to optimize their function.

We added the essential amino acids that are required for their buildup and the vitamines that are required for them to function properly to ensure optimal detoxification and antioxidation in the time period after we went raving. Hence the damage to liver and other tissues should be minimized.

In case you are asking yourself about what's the fuzz with all those pills and capsules out there and why rave recovery comes as a drink - let us give you a quick example:

if we wanted to put all of rave recovery’s ingredients into capsules or pills we would end up trying to swallow around 15-20 of them. Not cool. And definitely not an option for us. On top capsules and pills are harder to absorb than a drink.

raver ecovery vs capsules

We really hope that rave recovery helps you to recover faster and to enjoy raving more. We encourage you to share your experience and leave us a review.